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Artwork Dave’s

Dave’s Bio

Born in Liverpool England in 1949, I failed miserably in Art at Waterloo Grammar School; but as Mr. Edwards (‘Jimmy’) used to say, “He tries hard.”

Served a Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship, qualifying as a Jig & Tool design draughtsman. I worked in several industrial areas, HVAC, Textiles, Paper & Tissue, Filters & Dust control, Painting & Powder Coating, Conveyors & Material Handling, Mining, all challenged my creativity but within the confines of engineering laws.

I suffered a major heart attack in 1997, resulting in three stents being inserted in two of the arteries, and promised myself I’d take it easier. Of course I didn’t, and had to have open heart triple by-pass surgery in 2008. This had a dramatic effect on me, and I was prevented from returning to work so I am now a pensioner and do voluntary work  as  an  Adult Literacy Tutor. Time to give back!

So NOW seemed the right time to let all that bottled up “unconfined creativity” flow. I tried writing as therapy after the heart attack, but it soon put confines on expression too. My wife of 38 years is a fine digital artist, and she encouraged me to express creatively in this medium, and these are the results. Enjoy.

Peace and compassion to all.