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 PaintShop Pro SnapShots

Paint on Edges

Quick Eye Colour Change

Quick Greeting Card

Spherise a Graphic

View Brush Tips as Larger Images

A-Series Sizes

Adding Rain to an Image

Animal Fur

3D Imaging

Drag From PSP to Animation Shop

Create Glass Beads

PaintShop Pro X5 Tutorials

Paint a Selection

Channels, Alpha Channels & Selections

Off  The Wall Masterpiece

Create Brush Tips

Drag and Drop Files - PaintShop Pro to Animation Shop

PaintShop Pro X4 and Older Tutorials

Photo-Bend X4

Custom Masks X3

Vectors and Their Layers X3

Shape Tool - Making and Editing Shapes

Bezier Cut-Out with Pen Tool

Infrared Photography

Saving PNG-GIF X4

Preset Shapes X6

Part 1

Learn how to import/Export Shape Libraries and Edit Shapes

Part 2

Will teach you how to create a preset shape from an image and export it

Part 3

Make selections from preset shapes and save for future use.

Part 4

Make fun preset shapes from dingbats