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PaintShop Pro X8 Tutorials

Typography Art Portrait

Import Third Party Gradients

Magic Move Tool

Tool Options Palette for Objects

Vectors with Gradients

Text Wrapping

Christmas Wreath

Tiny Planet Effect

Photo Manipulation

Typography Christmas Wreath

PaintShop Pro X7 Tutorials

Create A Lace Fan

Importing Brushes

Custom Swatches Palettes

PaintShop Pro X7 New Tools

Christmas Baubles

Photographic Cube

Materials and Material Properties Palettes     

Escher Style Image

Create a Wooden Artists Mannequin

Photo Graphics

Moveable Image in A Selection

Colour Palettes

Arty Text for X7

Composite Preset Shape Image

Watermark Signatures

Swatches from Images

Basic Vector Shape Tools

Fun Fuzzle and Puff Balls

Gradients and Gradient Editor

Plugin Installation

Create Jelly Beans

PaintShop Pro X6 Tutorials

Adjustment Layers

Digital Marquetry

Fun Fuzzles


Decorative Frame

Out of Bounds Train Ride

 Arty Text

Drag and Drop Easily

Import Export Brushes

Glass Panels

New Selection Tools & Brush Selections

Balls & Bubbles Effects

Drag and Drop from PaintShop Pro to Animation Shop X5

Bezier Cutout with Pen Tool

Extract a Rose and Paint with Erasers

The Clone Brush

Extract Images from Photographs

Buttons  Fancy or Plain

Creative Gradients


Custom Colour Palettes & Swatches

Sketch from a Photograph

Candle in a Bowl

Gradient Editor


Clipping Mask

Oriental Collage

Spherise a Graphic

Decorative Christmas Bauble

la mer  Collage

Text on Curves

How Vectors Work

Make It Gold

Brushes from Photographs

Object Extractor

Triptych Picture

Create a Decorative Fan

Mosaic Twist

Misting Two Ways

Context Menus & Toolbars

Neon Text

Raster to Vector

Channels and Alpha Channels

Object Removal Tool

Watermark Signatures

PaintShop Pro Tutorials

Graphic Tutorials shown here are mostly updated for the later versions of PaintShop Pro. Most, if not all tutorials can be done with whatever version you have, you will have to make a few minor adjustments.  I hope you enjoy!

Whilst these tutorials are free for you to use, please do not claim them as your own. What you make with any of these tutorials is your own intellectual property. Most tutorials are .PDF documents and therefore require either Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader.

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