Software: Corel PaintShop Pro X5

Website:   Creative-Designs

Material Supplies:   Arithmetic Zip

This tutorial can be done in previous versions of PSP


Create an interesting image by making application of Arithmetic to your Photographs. Combine two images into a third to create unique effects.

Remember to Save often to avoid losing your work.

In PSP there is a very nice feature called Arithmetic.  Using this feature enables you to blend two photographs into a third.  The new image is the product of the colour data from two sources combined on a pixel-by-pixel basis according to the arithmetical function you select, such as Add, Subtract, Multiply or Difference.   To learn more what the settings mean, click on the Help button to access more information.

Open the two photographs in your workspace.

From the Menu bar, select Image then Arithmetic.  A dialogue box opens:

In the drop-lists.  It shows both photographs are open in the workspace.  Clicking on the down arrows enables you to switch photographs.  However, we will work with what is shown here.

Apply these settings:

  • sydopera.jpg image #1
  • harbourbridge.jpg #2
  • Function: Average
  • All Channels:  Ticked
  • Divisor 1
  • Bias: 0
  • Clip Colour Values:  Ticked

Click OK.

Your image should look like the one below, which is a pretty basic Arithmetic blend.

Delete this image from the workspace.

Let's try a few other settings to give the image a bit of oomph!

Open Arithmetic again.  Change these settings:

  • harbourbridge.jpg image #1
  • sydopera.jpg image #2
  • Function:  Difference
  • All Channels:  Ticked
  • Divisor:  6
  • Bias:  0
  • Clip Colour Values:  Un-ticked.

Click OK.

Whoa, it's dark isn't it?  On the Standard Toolbar click on the Enhance Photo Menu and select One Step Photo Fix then apply it three times.  You can also access One Step Photo Fix from the Menu bar, Adjust.


What a totally different result.

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